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The highly consistent factors in successful weight loss diets were reducing calories and doing a bit more exercise (Source: thegoodphoto/iStockphoto)

Two simple tips to help you lose weight

GREAT MOMENTS IN SCIENCE: Weight loss plans don’t have to be complicated. The best plan, says Dr Karl, is to reduce your total calorie intake, and do more exercise.

Alan Turing always ate an apple before going to bed, and would sometimes leave them half-eaten (Source: prill/iStockphoto)

Alan Turing and the apple

GREAT MOMENTS IN SCIENCE: Apple makes smartphones – the ultimate universal machine – but that’s where the connection to the ‘father of computing’ ends and the myths begin, says Dr Karl.

Zombies, pi and shotguns

GREAT MOMENTS IN SCIENCE: Need to calculate pi while fending off zombies? Dr Karl has found a way to solve both your problems.

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