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Misnomer: The naked mole rat is not naked, is not a mole, and is not a rat (Source: Roman Klementschitz/Wikimedia Commons)

The animal that never gets cancer

GREAT MOMENTS IN SCIENCE: The naked mole rat may not be pretty, but it doesn’t feel pain, get dementia, osteoporosis, or cancer. Dr Karl gets under the skin of this very special animal.

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It’s complicated: The sex life of coral

GREAT MOMENTS IN SCIENCE: Stuck in one spot, waiting for the full moon to pass and the perfect temperature to arrive, and your choice of mate left to the tide: when you’re coral, reproduction is mind-bogglingly complicated, writes Dr Karl.


Wi-fi is watching us

GREAT MOMENTS IN SCIENCE: The latest Wi-Fi application can identify different people by how they move. But will that make us the last generation to have ever known privacy? asks Dr Karl.

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