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When NASA classified Karl as non-astronaut material in 1981 he walked straight into ABC Radio station Double J and offered to talk about the Space shuttle launch. They said ‘Okay’ and his radio career took off from there. ‘Great Moments In Science’ ran on Double J while Karl moonlighted as a medical student. read full bio

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  • Dr Karl joins Nicole Dyer on ABC Gold Coast

    Wednesday 26th July 2017
    9:30 am - 10:00 am

  • Dr Karl joins Phil Staley on ABC Cairns

    Wednesday 26th July 2017
    10:30 am - 11:00 am

  • Dr Karl joins Zan Rowe on ABC Triple J Science on Mornings

    Thursday 27th July 2017
    11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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How Do Birds Flock?

We still don’t understand how birds fly in flocks and make patterns that look so obviously organised.  After all, they don’t get together beforehand to agree on a series of manoeuvres once they reach altitude!   Nevertheless, this collective behaviour emerges from the combined actions of thousands of independent creatures. How? The birds follow three simple […]

Coconut claims don't hold water

Coconut claims don’t hold water

GREAT MOMENTS IN SCIENCE: Coconut water is about as good at rehydrating you as tap water! Dr Karl explores the myths behind this new food fad.

Science with Dr Karl: Immortal Jellyfish!

There have always been myths about immortality, that is, being able to live forever. Well, our Marine Biologists have found a creature that comes close – a tiny transparent jellyfish. WHAT ARE THEY? While it has the unofficial name of Immortal Jellyfish, its official name is Turritopsis dohrnii (it used to be Turritopsis nutricula). After an adult male T. […]

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