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Q&A with Dr K

We are all booked up for 2024.

Bookings for next year will open in late January 2025, so check back then.

Dr Karl encourages curiosity and all questions from the students are welcome. On average, we recommend at least 15 questions are prepared for the session. Enjoy your Q&A!

Time Zone

Please note all booking times are local Sydney time. To check your local time please go here Time Zone Converter.

Test Session

When: Any available Wednesday prior to your class session with Dr Karl, at either 10 am or 10.30 am.
Purpose: To make sure that we are able to contact you on the day and iron out any technical difficulties that may occur.
Class Session with Dr Karl

When: Any available Wednesday after your test session, at either 1 pm or 2 pm. Sessions run for approximately 45 minutes.
Purpose: This is the time you and your class have to talk to Dr Karl.

Technical Platform Options for the Q&A

  • Zoom: You will receive an invitation to your Zoom Q&A via email.
  • Skype: To make your skype booking you’ll need to have a Skype Account that can connect to users outside of the Education Department. Please set this up first, before making your bookings. Download our Skype set-up procedure here.
  • Microsoft Teams: The teacher adds a Guest to the Class Team and sends an invite:
    • For the test: The teacher invites Isabelle.Benton@sydney.edu.au
    • For the Q&A: The teacher invites drkarl@sydney.edu.au

You will need to have a decent internet connection in order for the Q&A to be successful. The minimum internet speed would be 5 Mbps (megabits per second) upload and download.

You can check your internet speed here.

Please select TWO dates from the calendar below. A test and a class session with Dr Karl. The test should be a week before the session with Dr Karl. If this date is not available, please select a date as close to the Dr Karl session as possible. Once you have selected your dates, fill in all the information fields and send your booking. You will receive confirmation via email.

Please be prepared for your test to ensure your class session can go ahead. Due to demand, we can only offer one Q&A per school per year.

Dr Karl looks forward to speaking with your students.

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