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  • Wednesday 19th June 2019
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Great Moments in Science

How to snap spaghetti: part two

For some snapping spaghetti is sacrilege but for others it’s science.

Australian Geographic

Why does your dog wag its tail?

Dr Karl uncovers the curious hidden meanings behind your dog’s tail wagging. THE DOG HAS been man’s best friend for thousands of years – so you’d think we’d know how to read its emotions. When the tail is stiff, the ears are tucked in and the body is held tight, most of us recognise it […]

National Geographic Kids

Extraordinary X-rays

X-rays are under the microscope with Dr Karl… X-Rays uncovered! On 22 December, 1895 the German physicist Wilhelm Röntgen took the first ever medical X-ray. It was of his wife’s hand! X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation. When this light passes through the body and onto a photographic plate, pictures of bones and some […]

Great Moments in Science

Why do mozzies love some people but not others?

Why are some people mosquito magnets, while others seem to be blissfully bite-free?