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Dr Karl Mobile App Instructions

Welcome and behold! The Dr Karl App, where too much science application is barely enough. Dr Karl’s two latest books ‘Dr Karl’s Surfing Safari Through Science’ and ‘Dr Karl’s Random Road Trip Through Science’ come with pop-up holograms (or ‘augmented reality’)!

To access the content please download the free Dr Karl App:

The app is compatible with:

iPhones and iPads running iOS 11 and later, with 64-bit support.

Android devices running Android 8 and later, with camera, gyroscope and accelerometer.

NB: on older and lower-powered devices performance may be reduced.

For iOS, you’ll need to ‘trust’ the application by accessing:
Settings > General > Device Management > AUGMENTED REALITY SERVICES
and tap ‘trust this publisher’.

Click here to see an example of Dr Karl’s app in action, or just follow the instructions below.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, allow camera access and click ‘BEGIN’
to download the latest AR experiences. When the camera view opens hold your device about 30 cm above a trigger page (the book cover or the first page of any chapter). You should see a flattened image of Dr Karl talking to you. Adjust the angle of the phone until a Mini Dr Karl hologram pops up!

You’ll also see some hotspots or ‘floating icons’ that indicate there is further sciencey goodness to explore. Simply click on these icons and more shall be revealed.

The Dr Karl App was developed by the awesome team at Auggd.com. Videos were produced with support from the Media Room in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Sydney. The loading image of a Dr Karl shirt is by Luisa Brimble for frankie magazine. Thanks to you all.