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  • Wednesday 8th March 2017
  • Wednesday 22nd March 2017

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How much do clouds weigh?

GREAT MOMENTS IN SCIENCE: They may look fluffy, but your ‘average’ cumulus cloud is no lightweight. Dr Karl explains the physics that keeps clouds afloat.

Gutter mouth: Profanities exist in every single language or dialect ever studied (Source: CHRISsadowski/iStockphoto)

Swearing makes pain go away

GREAT MOMENTS IN SCIENCE: Swear words have the power to change your perception of people and pain. Dr Karl gives us a lesson in strong language.


Brontosaurus: what’s in a name?

GREAT MOMENTS IN SCIENCE: Brontosaurus is back – at least in name. It’s reinstatement as an official dinosaur is a win for the splitters, says Dr Karl, and the lumpers just have to lump it.

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