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Tuesday 27th June 2017

No events scheduled for today!

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The thorny devil lizard’s drinking habits

How the thorny devil takes “flat out like a lizard drinking” to the extreme. ONE OF THE standard Aussie replies to somebody who asks you how hard you’re working is “flat out like a lizard drinking”. But Australia’s thorny devil has taken it to the max – it doesn’t even have to lower its mouth […]

The awesome origins of gravitational waves

GREAT MOMENTS IN SCIENCE: The recently discovered gravitational waves were created under mind-boggling circumstances. Dr Karl goes into the beautiful and awe-inspiring story of their creation.

Movie releases of a chemical kind

GREAT MOMENTS IN SCIENCE: Scientists can tell the tense moments in a movie just by the chemicals given off by the audience. Dr Karl explains how scary movies led to a fundamental discovery about human biology.

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