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Homeschooling through tough times | Fearless Homeschool

Saturday 12th August 11:29 am

[…] of listening time for podcasts. We especially liked Off Track, The Long Way Home, Dr. Karl’s Shirtloads of Science, and Myths and Legends (may need censoring for adult […]

Black hole basics

Martin Bryant

Friday 15th July 5:45 am

For matter drawn into a black hole and becomes reduced in size to the singularity, what does the matter become when, say gold and carbon with a mix of other elements become one crushed single element? All in a glorious mix of everything that ever was drawn in, what does it become?

Digging a Hole Through Earth

Haya noor

Monday 4th July 11:17 pm

Why do we float in the space even thought we don’t when we are jumping? How many days a person can breath in the space?


Favourite podcasts - Helga Svendsen

Thursday 27th January 3:17 pm

[…] Shirtloads of Science – Dr Karl and a range of women scientists […]

Morning breath, scent memory, baby hiccups


Wednesday 15th December 1:19 am

Last week I woke up at night with belly laughter, uncontrollable like rapid machine gun belly laughter. Tonight I woke up with hiccups, uncontrolled hiccups and some farts. I listened to this podcast and all stopped with only one hiccup after about 14 minutes. Then near the end of the podcast I thought of something funny and I started to hiccup and fart again. Then when the thought of what was funny had passed it all started to resolve itself.

Period nosebleeds, brains, simulations

Nicole Bourdon

Saturday 22nd August 2:28 pm

Boiled eggs. My mother taught me for boiled eggs is once it reaches a boil let them cook for about a minute or two, turn off the heat then immediately put a lid on for about 5 to 10 minutes then rinse with cold water for about a minute and the shell peels off easily. Nicole. Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Period nosebleeds, brains, simulations


Monday 27th July 5:35 am

Hi Doctors :) Did anyone get back to you about the period nosebleeds? I’m only just catching up on episodes so I was listening to this one last night and immediately thought she was talking about a bleeding disorder named Von Willebrand Disorder/Disease, which I have. One of the symptoms is nosebleeds, my symptoms are worse during my period. Thought I would throw that out there so the lady can ask her GP for a blood test to check on her levels and then see a hematologist if anything pops up. Have a great week!

What is a Sinkhole?

Harriet TWITE

Thursday 4th June 9:48 am

Dear Dr. Karl, I found that your piece on sinkholes was very educational and interesting. I would love if you could tell me more on this topic or topics like this. Thanks, Harriet

Australian bushfires – part 3

Josie Sherlock

Sunday 23rd February 12:43 pm

Hi Dr Karl, your podcast on the fires is brilliant. I was wondering what the technologies are that remove carbon from the atmosphere? Thank you Josie

Dark matter

Lars Andersson

Thursday 10th October 1:28 pm

It appears the Dark Matter theory is primarily (if not totally) created as an explanation to problems to do with gravity. Perhaps, then, the actual problem is our way of conceptualising/understanding gravity. Maybe it's time for a reboot of our understanding of gravity. Which may then also lead to a formulation of the elusive Grand Theory, which seems to be obstructed by gravity as the one "force" that refuses to play according to the 'rules'.

5G hysteria is coming …


Friday 27th September 5:26 pm

Is it possible that qualcom snap dragon chips that will be used in the 5G internet of things from tshirts that upload your heart beat and temprature to the glasses that can unlock your doors and turn your lights on ... could this data be used against individuals in deceptive sales or marketing techniques ? Is there appropriate security measures in place to prevent foreign ownership and sales of this metedata ?

5G hysteria is coming: part 2

Dennis Matthews

Wednesday 25th September 2:42 pm

I see there is some reports of 5G stopping some birds migrating and confusing them magnetically (and potentially other migrating wildlife). With thousands of 5G satellites being placed in space is this an issue?

Dissing the dishwasher


Friday 13th September 8:55 pm

Do the studies on water usage take into account that you still have to hand wash some items, e.g. cutting knives, chopping boards, some types of cookware, and you could hand wash the rest of the items in the same water?

5G hysteria is coming …

Mary Crutcher

Thursday 20th June 6:57 pm

Why has there been an increase in brain tumors, especially in younger people. Some medical Doctors believe it is from mobile phone use.

Mass of a proton: part two

David Johnson

Tuesday 18th December 1:22 pm

Hi Dr Karl I would like to suggest an interesting read regarding the structure of quarks from preons, and from there to nucleons. The link to the article ‘The Photoelectric Effect, Wave-Particle Duality and Atomic Structure’ is http://vixra.org/pdf/1812.0276v1.pdf. Hopefully you will find it interesting in the context of your 'Mass of a Proton' discussion.

Future Space Travel

Dean Newbey

Monday 3rd December 11:37 am

Hey Dr Karl I read your books and i think they are awesome because of the questions. Also it has so much information.

How many cells in a person?


Monday 26th November 5:35 pm

[…] way) scientific questions. From the beautiful act of vomiting, to the overwhelming-grand ‘how many cells in a person?’, Kruszelnicki seeks to entertain and educate in a laidback and educational manner that young and […]

A1 vs A2 milk

Hilton Deeth

Tuesday 19th June 2:21 pm

Dear Dr Karl, With regard to your article on A1 vs A2 milk, I'd like to draw your attention to a 2017 paper "Identification of bioactive peptides and quantification of b-casomorphin-7 from bovine b-casein A1, A2 and I after ex vivo gastrointestinal digestion" by Tora Asledottir et al. (International Dairy Journal 71 (2017) 98-106. The abstract of that paper is pasted below. It shows that Pro-67 is not part of beta-casomorphin-7 which is the peptide 60-66. Furthermore this peptide is produced from both A1 and A2 variants of beta-casein. Abstract: This study investigated whether different genetic variants of b-casein (b-CN) give rise to different bioactive peptides during digestion. b-CN was purified from bovine milk of genetic variants A1, A2 and I, and digested with human gastrointestinal juices in a static ex vivo model. Mass spectrometry analyses revealed that the peptide 60YPFPGPIPN68 was exclusively identified from variants containing proline at position 67. Most strikingly, the opioid peptide b-casomorphin-7, 60YPFPGPI66, was identified from both variants A1 and A2 after simulated digestion, though with concentration being somewhat higher after digestion of the variant A1, compared with variants A2 and I. The peptides 134HLPLP138 and 133LHLPLP138 were both identified after initial 5 min of duodenal digestion. In conclusion, genetic variation of b-CN may affect proteolysis during digestion; however, the release of b-casomorphin-7 (BCM7) does not seem to be linked solely to variant A1, as earlier suggested by relevant published literature on in vitro digestion. Kind regards Hilton Deeth Emeritus Professor of Food Science University of Queensland

Life on Saturn’s moon Enceladus


Thursday 7th June 11:58 am

I just don't see there being fish Dr karl on Enceladus more likely some kind of squid with hooks... hooks just so they don't get shot into the stratosphere when an giza goes up.

Australian breakthroughs: dark energy

Frank Grandi

Friday 10th November 11:32 am

Pushed apart or pulled apart? Could the perfect vacuum of infinite space beyond the 'sphere' of the observable universe be exerting a force of attraction on matter within the relatively congested, lesser vacuum of Big Bang-contaminated space? And if so, might this infinite, perfect vacuum contribute to the accelerating expansion of the observable universe?